The DARWIN Community of Practitioners (DCoP) brings together end-users in the fields of resilience, crisis management and emergency response, as well as Healthcare and Air Traffic Management. The ultimate aim of the DCoP is to ensure that the DARWIN Resilience Management Guidelines (DRMG) are relevant and practical to end-users.

The purpose of the DCoP is to exchange knowledge and lessons on how to enable rapid, effective, coordinated and flexible responses in man-made and natural crises. Feedback from end-users on the evolving DARWIN Resilience Management Guidelines will contribute to enhancing EU responses to crises.

The DCoP will give members up-to-date information on evolving resilience guidelines. Furthermore, it will facilitate exchange of knowledge, insights, expertise and lessons learnt for practitioners and researchers, and thus promote international networking concerning resilience.

This forum facilitates interaction between DARWIN partners and DCoP members. If you would like to join the forum and / or the DCoP, please contact Johan Hornwall: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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