Healthcare perspectives in the DARWIN project

ISS (Istituto Superiore di Sanitá) is the Italian National institute for Health and works on the healthcare aspects of the DARWIN project. Within Darwin, ISS plays the role of user organization in the healthcare domain. Thanks to its national healthcare network, ISS facilitates and supports the involvement of other Italian health stakeholders in Darwin activities. Particularly, ISS leads tasks around integrating healthcare in to the generic resilience crisis management guidelines, and in the pilots and evaluation phases of the guidelines.

ISS provides insights into the needs, practices and activities of crises and emergency management in the healthcare domain. This further allows ISS to provide Darwin with past lessons learned from past situations. In the future, ISS will implement and test the generic resilience crisis management guidelines in a real context where health care experts (policy making and first response level) take decisions and make plans to cope with emergencies.

ISS has interviewed healthcare experts and first responders, (i.e. ISS experts, Regional Agency for Sanitary Emergencies, National Fire Corps, Municipal Police of Rome, National Department of Civil Protection). This interview process allowed the project members to understand the existing practices and approaches to resilience and related needs. ISS also inquired about guideline requirements by organizing a “guideline practitioner workshop” in February 2016 in Rome. 

ISS has also developed two health care scenarios for the generic resilience crisis management guidelines evaluation. The scenarios addressed “Disease outbreak onboard an incoming flight” and “Organ Transportation in Severe Weather Conditions”. ISS also participated in the implementation of the ENAV inter-domain scenario called “Aircraft crashing in urban area close to Rome Fiumicino Airport shortly after taking off”.

ISS will shortly begin work on adapting the generic resilience management guidelines to the healthcare sector. This task is due for completion in May 2017.

More information about the healthcare domain, with respect to risk assessment and management can be found:


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