Synergies Between Two H2020 Resilience Projects for Crisis Management in Critical Infrastructures

A meeting took place at SINTEF facilities in Norway, where project coordinators and members from both Smart Mature Resilience (SMR) and DARWIN, both H2020 projects, discussed their current status and possible future ways of cooperating. The projects share the goal of developing European Resilience Management Guidelines when dealing with crisis situations.

Photo L-R: Dr. Leire Labaka and Prof. Jose Maria Sarriegi (SMR) and Dr. Ivonne Herrera, Dr. Tor Olav Grøtan, and Dr. Matthieu Branlat (DARWIN)

The SMR project will organise a series of workshops involving the identification of risks to cities, and the development of scenarios for large man-made and natural disasters. SMR has developed a Resilience Maturity Model, a Systemic Risk Assessment questionnaire, a portfolio building resilience policies and System Dynamics Model.

DARWIN has identified best practices in resilience management in order to produce generic resilience guidelines. These guidelines will be adapted to the Health Care and Air Traffic Control sectors. Pilot demonstrations of the operationalization of the guidelines are foreseen towards the end of 2016. A Community of Crisis and Resilience Practitioners has been created to support the development of the guidelines and bring added value to the project.

Both projects are carrying out a worldwide survey on resilience. SMR’s literature review covers among other things: worldwide, European and integration dimensions of resilience management. DARWIN is conducting a systematic literature survey covering resilience engineering and community resilience, definition, concepts, practices, capabilities to anticipate, monitor, respond and learn.

After an open, constructive and friendly meeting the following ideas have been identified:

  • There are several similarities in the worldwide survey on resilience: methods used, definitions of resilience, practical guidelines, tools for developing resilience, resilience capabilities and principles. The projects agreed to build on their current research work to identify synergies and produce a publication together.
  • Cooperation with end-users is one of the most important building blocks in both projects. DARWIN and SMR will explore, together with their dissemination managers, ways to connect both communities during the lifetime of the project.
  • SMR and DARWIN discussed the possibility of holding a virtual meeting in early 2016, inviting relevant H2020 projects, for example; RESILIENS, IMPROVER, RESOLUTE, SMR and DARWIN, to present and discuss results from their literature reviews. This would represent an efficient way for project partners to learn from one another and share their findings.
  • The possibility to invite team members from both projects to support project activities such as workshops, and evaluating promising resilience concepts.

The meeting was closed with commitment from both projects to continue cooperation. Participants at the meeting were, from SMR: Prof. Jose Maria Sarriegi and Dr. Leire Labaka, and from DARWIN project Dr. Ivonne Herrera; Dr. Matthieu Branlat and Dr. Tor Olav Grøtan


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