New Press Release Issued Following the Use of DARWIN Guidelines to Tackle Swedish Wildfires

Europe’s first ever disaster management guidelines have been used to handle the recent wildfires in Sweden.

Five months ago, when an outbreak of dangerous wildfires swept across the country, Carl Oscar Jonson volunteered as a First Aid Coordinator with the Swedish Red Cross during the wildfires.

As a Research Coordinator with KMC in Sweden, he is one of over 170 experts who helped develop the DARWIN Resilience Management Guidelines. He said his knowledge and training in using the guidelines ensured he responded more efficiently, and in a crisis situation this can mean the difference between life and death for the victims of the crisis.

“These guidelines proved really useful – particularly the part on inter-organizational collaboration, as I had to coordinate volunteers, emergency services, government agencies and technical systems from across Europe,” said Mr. Jonson.

These new guidelines can help save lives and minimize the impact of a crisis. The training gets you to scrutinise your procedures and identify any possible gaps in your protocols. They will give you a framework to make sure you are a resilient crisis management organisation prior to the disaster,” he added.

To see the full press release click here.


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