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Resilience and Emergency Management stakeholders from all over Europe gathered in Linköping, Sweden the 28th and 29th of March to discuss the DARWIN Resilience Management Guidelines (DRMG). The DARWIN Community of Practitioners (DCoP) comprises members from Aviation, Healthcare, Transportation, Critical Infrastructures, and Emergency Services.

DARWIN partners aimed for collaboration and cooperation with DCoP members to find innovative and creative solutions to resilience and crisis management challenges. The objective of the workshop was to gather feedback from the DCoP, and ensure the DRMG are relevant and practical for end-users in resilience and crisis management in Europe and beyond. The first version of the DRMG was completed recently, so this was a perfect opportunity for DCoP members to learn about the latest developments in resilience management. DARWIN also had the chance to receive practical insights as to the DRMG’s applicability to different situations, including training, preparation, emergency response, as well as post-event learning and follow-up.DCoP Workshop 2 Group photo

Matthieu Branlat of SINTEF presented the DRMG and invited feedback from the DCoP members. DCoP members stressed the need for flexibility in resilience management guidelines, and also the need to apply lessons learned from past events.

The DRMG will be adapted to the specific domains of Air Traffic Management (ATM) and Healthcare, and DARWIN partners from ENAV and ISS presented the latest developments on this front. The two partners reported that one of the biggest benefits of working together to adapt the guidelines is the cross-fertilisation of resilience ideas and concepts between ATM and Healthcare.

In general DCoP members stated the importance of a common language for all stakeholders working in resilience and emergency management, in order to provide the best possible response, and minimise the effects of any emergency. The DCoP also emphasised the importance of coordination and cooperation between different stakeholders in an emergency, and the need for collaboration at local, regional, national and European levels.

The DCoP meets physically once a year, and also participates in webinars and other events during the year. If you would like to become a member of the DCoP, please contact Johan Hornwall:

The presentations from the DCoP workshop will be available soon on the DCoP forum. If you would like to sign up for the DCoP forum, please contact:


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