D2.1 Generic Resilience Management Guidelines

D2.1 Generic Resilience Management Guidelines

The deliverable provides an initial description of the guidelines development process and its outcome, a set of DARWIN Resilience Management Guidelines. As the presentation of an on-going, evolving development effort, it will be revised in deliverable D2.4, the final project deliverable about the DRMG.

The deliverable describes how, starting from initial requirements and data, the project has defined and advanced:

          The definition of the object of design, i.e. of the nature of the guidelines. The guidelines are constituted of elementary Concept Cards (CCs), and organised by themes, categories and relationships.

          A development process: multi-step collaborative and iterative process that integrates generic and adapted guidelines development, and evaluation process.

          A development platform: Wiki-based prototype application that supports the collaborative development of guidelines, as well as their review by external experts.

          The development outcome at the time of the production of the deliverable: 10 generic concept cards representing 5 different themes and organized in a concept map.

Readers from the DARWIN project are the primary target for this document, since it synthesises the guidelines development process and content, and aims especially to support the evolution of the process, consolidation of more mature generic resilience management guidelines, and use of existing guidelines for evaluation and training purposes.

In addition, readers from industry and researchers interested in the directions and advancement of the project can already use this document as a source of inspiration for their own purposes. The development process is described in detail and with a critical view. It aims to be replicable, therefore to be a basis for similar efforts. The guidelines are developed for those with responsibility for protecting the population or critical infrastructure/services, from policy to practice, and can be used as guidance to improve crisis management based on resilience concepts.

The DARWIN project aims to develop state of the art resilience guidelines and innovative training modules for crisis management. The guidelines, which will evolve to reflect the changing nature of crises, are developed for those with responsibility for protecting the population or critical infrastructure/services. They will be useful for everyone directly involved, and with an interest in, crisis management from Policy to Practice.


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