D3.2 Diverse representation and evolution of resilience guidelines support Final

D3.2 Diverse representation and evolution of resilience guidelines support Final

This Deliverable (D3.2) aims to offer proposed formats and access to the DARWIN Resilience Management Guidelines in order that they may be easily adopted and used by end-users in the resilience and crisis management community.

D3.2 is an update of Deliverable D3.1, therefore some parts contain the same information as in D3.1, but these parts are further elaborated. This document presents the final strategy for the diverse representation of the DARWIN Resilience Management Guidelines (DRMG) and takes the completion of D2.1 Generic Resilience Management Guidelines and the survey after the second DARWIN Community of Practitioners Workshop into account as well.

The revised mapping of the stakeholders confirmed that the primary target users of the DRMG are executives in the critical infrastructure and crisis and resilience professionals, but revealed a larger need in Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and in the civil protection area.

Prevalent guidelines formats and access currently in use among end-users are presented and analysed with a focus on guidelines in the Healthcare, ATM, and Petroleum industries. These are complemented by a survey of end-users which was carried out by in 2016. In 2017, a survey was conducted among DARWIN Community of Practitioner (DCoP) members. Furthermore, interviews with representatives of a water utility company, a transportation administration, and a civil protection organization were carried out. According to the survey, web applications are considered most suitable for crisis managers whereas a wiki is thought to be more useful for organisation leaders, but least useful for frontline operatives. The latter are considered to be served best by mobile applications and field manuals.

Additionally, the DCoP recommends the usage of short versions of the concept cards and welcome adopted guidelines to their specific fields.

The wiki mentioned is being developed by the DARWIN team to facilitate the knowledge management of the concept cards developed in WP2 and to ensure suitable access to them.

While the work on delivery formats has largely concentrated on electronic media through the use of the DARWIN wiki, future formats representative of envisioned uses include paper copies of guidelines and field manual.

Readers from the DARWIN project will use this document and associated templates for elaboration of the DRMG. This document may also be of use to practitioners and researchers interested in the development of resilience management guidelines for crisis management.

The DARWIN project aims to develop state of the art resilience guidelines and innovative training modules for crisis management. The guidelines, which will evolve to reflect the changing nature of crises, are developed for those with responsibility for protecting the population or critical infrastructure/services. They will be useful for everyone directly involved, and with an interest in, crisis management from Policy to Practice.


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