D4.1 Evaluation Plan

D4.1 Evaluation Plan

This deliverable   describes   the   strategy   and   plan   to   evaluate   the   DARWIN   Resilience   Management Guidelines (DRMGs) in the context of Task 4.3 (Evaluation Cycles of Guidelines).

The proposed methodology for evaluation is grounded on a Realist Approach, based the framework called I-CMO (Intervention-Context-Mechanism-Outcome). It is a formative and iterative approach, which requires the evaluation activities to be grounded in realistic scenarios, involving a purposive sample of stakeholders. The methodology distinguishes the initial evaluation of the generic DRMGs from the evaluation of the more mature version of guidelines that will be based on the organisation of pilot exercises. The evaluation takes into consideration the requirements identified in DARWIN D1.3 (Practitioner and academic requirements for resilience management guidelines) as well as the feedback received in occasion of the first DARWIN Community of Crisis and Practitioners (DCoP) Workshop, reported in D5.2 (DARWIN CoCRP resilience concepts, users and academia interactive workshops).The deliverable also describes in detail five crisis management scenarios and elaborates on the criteria adopted to select them. Beyond the scope of Task 4.3, the proposed evaluation strategy can be used outside DARWIN by organisations interested in evaluating the implementation of their own resilience concepts.

The DARWIN project aims to develop state of the art resilience guidelines and innovative training modules for crisis management. The guidelines, which will evolve to reflect the changing nature of crises, are developed for those with responsibility for protecting the population or critical infrastructure/services. They will be useful for everyone directly involved, and with an interest in, crisis management from Policy to Practice.


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