D4.2 Initial Evaluation of the Guidelines

D4.2 Initial Evaluation of the Guidelines

The purpose of this deliverable is to report about the first evaluation of DARWIN Resilience Management Guidelines (DRMG) by potential end users.

Being a first evaluation, only a sub-set of the guidelines has been analysed, in the context of two focus group meetings with representatives of the DARWIN end users (ISS, ENAV, KMC) and by means of a survey administered after a DARWIN Webinar, addressed to the DCoP members. The sub-set of guidelines consisted of three so-called concept cards that contain the information on specific resilience concepts, together with a set of proposed resilience management actions.

Internally to DARWIN, the deliverable is an input to the D2.1 “Generic Resilience Management Guidelines” where a full set of concept cards is developed, to become the building blocks of the overall DARWIN Resilience Management Guidelines (DRMG). From a WP4 evaluation perspective, the achieved results are then taken into consideration in the preparation of the Pilot Exercises (D4.3) were the concept cards are expected to be applied to specific examples of crises and evaluated in the Final Evaluation report (D4.4)

Externally to DARWIN, the deliverable can be useful to practitioners and researchers involved in developing resilience management approaches, as a methodological support concerning evaluation.

The initial evaluation has been mainly based on the I-CMO framework (Intervention – Context, Mechanism, Outcome), in order to find out “what works?”, “for whom?”, “how?” and “under which circumstances?” The I-CMO approach is described in the previous D4.1 Evaluation Plan.

Another important content in the deliverable is an updated version of the scenarios representing different types of crisis to be used as reference in the Pilot Exercises. These scenarios were firstly elaborated in the context of D4.1, but required improvements that were asked in the context of the first EU Commission review of the DARWIN project.

The DARWIN project aims to develop state of the art resilience guidelines and innovative training modules for crisis management. The guidelines, which will evolve to reflect the changing nature of crises, are developed for those with responsibility for protecting the population or critical infrastructure/services. They will be useful for everyone directly involved, and with an interest in, crisis management from Policy to Practice.


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