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Bjorn DARWIN Are Risk Event

Björn Nevhage, from DARWIN partner organisation FOI, recently represented the DARWIN project at the Åre Risk event in Sweden. This event occurs once every two years, and the theme of the 2016 event was ‘Resilience – Opportunities and Challenges for Societal Crisis Management and Individual Safety’ which is of course highly relevant to DARWIN.

Björn presented highlights of research carried out in the first year of the DARWIN project, which examined: definitions, concepts, theories and models, and; needs, issues, solutions and practises relating to resilience. This research was carried out through a major systematic literature review, as well as interviews and surveys. The results of this research are now helping to shape the DARWIN Resilience Management Guidelines (DRMG).Bjorn DARWIN Are Risk Event

The event attracted researchers and practitioners from the U.S., the U.K. and Sweden among other countries. Some of the most relevant presentation themes for DARWIN included community resilience, climate resilience, and resilience of socially vulnerable populations.

A standout presentation according to Björn was delivered by Olof Oscarsson, from the Risk and Crisis Research Centre, Sweden. The presentation highlighted the importance of actors other than the professionals during a crisis. The relationship between professional crisis management actors (such as first responders) and the actors that are already at the scene managing the crisis (such as personnel working at schools or other affected organizations as well as victims) is important to address and analyse.

Björn also highlighted the presentation “Joining the conversation and harnessing the power of smart mobile communication devices and social media”. This presentation focused on results from the EU funded-project Athena, which is developing best practises guidelines for using new media communications in critical incidents.

This will be of particular interest to DARWIN as we explore ways in which stakeholders can access the DRMG.


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