DARWIN Featured in H2020 Interim Evaluation Publication

Horizon 2020

In its recent publication ‘In-Depth Interim Evaluation of Horizon 2020’ the European Commission features the DARWIN project as an example of the successes of EU funding. The publication points to the significant achievements the DARWIN project produced in its first year, such as the progress it made towards creating standardised resilience management guidelines for international use.

The publication explores the sizeable amount of EU funding going towards projects aimed at security and resilience, giving DARWIN as a prime example of H2020 success and stating that it has achieved promising results.

It goes on to mention the launch of the DARWIN Community of Practitioners, a group of front line responders and resilience practitioners that have joined together to share their knowledge and expertise. The feature also mentions the development of DARWIN’s serious gaming and training packages, which will provide realistic scenario training for crisis responders.

The full-length feature can be found at: https://ec.europa.eu/research/evaluations/pdf/archive/h2020_evaluations/swd(2017)220-in-depth-interim_evaluation-h2020.pdf#view=fit&pagemode=none


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