DARWIN Workshop March 2017


DARWIN will host a workshop for the DARWIN Community of Practitioners from the 28th to the 29th of March 2017 in Linköping, Sweden. The purpose of the workshop is to ensure that the DARWIN Resilience Management Guidelines (DRMG) are relevant and practical to end-users in resilience and crisis management.

The development of the DRMG requires interaction and co-creation with stakeholders involved in crisis management at different levels from policy to practice. Thus, the purpose of the workshop is to enable workshop participants to explore, and contribute to the creation of the DRMG. Feedback and engagement in the development of the guidelines from end-users on the evolving DRMG, will consequently contribute to enhancing EU responses to crises.  DSC0549

The workshop will focus on the co-creation of the DRMG. Specific case studies, stories and practical examples will be presented and discussed with the participants to investigate how resilience guidelines will enhance the ability to sustain operations. It considers all crisis phases prior, during and after the event.  The workshop will contain a training phase, an exploratory phase and a phase involving feedback from potential end-users.

Participants at this workshop will receive updates on the most recent research on resilience concepts and the development of the DRMG. Participants will also have the opportunity to make sure their priorities and needs are met when it comes to the development of the DRMG. The workshop will facilitate exchange of knowledge, insights, expertise and lessons learnt for practitioners and researchers, and thus promote international networking concerning resilience aspects.  

If you would like to register for the workshop, please contact: Johan.Hornwall@regionostergotland.se
For further information, please see the DCoP workshop invitation.


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