DARWIN workshop on Resilience Guidelines

DARWIN WP1 workshop Rome Feb 2016

On the 11th and 12th of February 2016, DARWIN project partners FOI, ISS, ENAV, and BGU organised a workshop on Resilience Guidelines at ISS in Rome.

Practitioners (and researchers) discussed existing guidelines in air traffic management and health care. This workshop was part of Work Package 1 (WP1). DARWIN WP1 is tasked with conducting a survey of resilience approaches and developing a synthesis of guideline requirements. The purpose of the workshop was to explore requirements for the resilience guidelines to be developed in DARWIN. Partners SINTEF and Deep Blue also attended the workshop.

For two days different aspects of guidelines were discussed extensively, from a practical rather than a research perspective. Experts from health care and air traffic management were asked to discuss characteristics of guidelines, based on their hands-on experience with a number of guidelines that the team of researchers and experts had selected beforehand. Central questions included “what makes a guideline particularly useful”, and “what makes a guideline difficult to implement or follow”. Participants also discussed how guidelines can or should be developed and evaluated. Many DARWIN partners have developed and worked with guidelines, so this was an opportunity for the DARWIN project to learn from the extensive experience present.DARWIN WP1 workshop Rome Feb 2016

There were joint discussions as well as sector specific discussions where the floor was open to experts from both domains, as well as the researchers, to reflect on commonalities and differences. At the end of the workshop, many participants highlighted this as an interesting opportunity to share knowledge, learn about another domains, and reflect on their own work, as well as identify challenges DARWIN needs to address.

Rogier Woltjer of the Swedish Defence Research Agency FOI, task lead and moderator, was excited about the many interesting and useful points that experts as well as researchers had made by Friday afternoon, when it was time to go back to a colder and snowier Linköping. The workshop resulted in a large number of useful ideas, now to be transformed into DARWIN guideline requirements.


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