Developing the DARWIN Resilience Management Guidelines

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The main objective of DARWIN Work Package 2 (WP2) is the design of the generic, i.e., domain-independent, resilient crisis management guidelines. As a result, it is central to DARWIN, and is directly related to the project’s scope and objectives.

Based on requirements and inputs from Work Package 1 (WP1), generic guidelines will first be designed. They will then be adapted to the specific domains of Air Traffic Management (ATM) and Healthcare, tasks led by DARWIN expert partners ENAV and ISS (respectively). WP2 interacts with Work Package 3 (WP3) to provide access to and training on the guidelines, and with Work Package 4 (WP4) to evaluate the guidelines.

WP2’s main developments have consisted in outlining a process aimed at transforming the requirements from WP1 into actual guidelines. In other words, WP2 is transforming a description of what guidelines need to include in order to support resilient crisis management (i.e., high-level concepts, objectives, required capabilities), into guidelines that describe how this can be achieved (i.e., what types of activities can be conducted to reach those objectives).DARWIN SINTEF Emergency picture

To initiate the design process, WP2 partners have identified existing practices, methods and tools that correspond to the conceptual requirements. This task was primarily based on the data from WP1 (systematic literature review, interviews), but also considered limited additional literature (e.g., from the Resilience Engineering field). In addition, a boating accident in Sweden was used as a case study to anchor the work in a realistic scenario.

The next steps for WP2 aim to further progress towards the design of a draft set of guidelines. An initial set of guidelines will be ready in late November 2016, these will be revised later in the project and will also be customised for the ATM and Healthcare sectors.


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