DRS-7 White Paper on Resilience Management Guidelines for Critical Infrastructures

At Critical Infrastructure Resilience 2018 on 10 April 2018, DARWIN and its fellow DRS-7 projects launched the ‘White Paper on Resilience Management Guidelines for Critical Infrastructures. From Theory to Practice by Engaging End-Users: Concepts, Interventions, Tools and Methods’.

The white paper was a result of the collaboration of five projects which receive funding from the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme under the research and technological development crisis management topic 7. These projects are: DARWIN, IMPROVER, RESILENS, RESOLUTE and SMR.

The white paper outlines a pathway towards the integration of the European Resilience Management Guidelines (ERMG) developed as part of the work of the projects. The paper provides an overview of essential resilience concepts, methods and techniques to work towards integrated guidelines which can be implemented EU wide.

The paper presents some practical examples from the projects’ pilots and demonstrations of how these guidelines may be adapted and adopted by users from a variety of critical infrastructures and domains.

To read the white paper click here: WHITE PAPER


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