European workshop on resilience in cities and communities

EU Emergency Response 2

Ivonne Herrera, DARWIN Scientific and Innovation Coordinator, recently attended “European Workshop on Resilience in Cities and Communities”. The workshop was organised by fellow EU funded resilience project, Smart Mature Resilience (SMR) and examined the potential of standardisation to support increased resilience in cities, as well as taking a broader view of resilience. This follows on from a recent meeting Ivonne attended at the European Committee for Standardisation, to discuss standards in crisis and resilience management. 

EU Emergency Response 2

In her presentation to the workshop, Ivonne outlined the effect of crises on critical infrastructures and societal structures. The interdependencies between social and critical infrastructures highlight the need for resilience and crisis management guidelines that address these complexities. Ivonne also made some recommendations on how resilience and crisis management could be standardised, including:

Integrating resilience and crisis management standards with existing standards around Risk Management and Societal Security;

Participation in European Committee for Standardisation Working Groups to ensure that the results of the EU funded resilience projects are taken in to account, and;

The development of a common white paper between the EU funded resilience research projects.

Other EU funded resilience projects also presented an overview of their work towards increased resilience. DARWIN, SMR, IMPROVER, RESILENS and RESOLUTE are all working towards the common goal of increased resilience in Europe from different perspectives. RESOLUTE is developing resilience guidelines for urban transport, RESILENS is developing resilience guidelines based on risk management, IMPROVER is focused on resilience concepts and critical infrastructure, while SMR’s priority is resilience in cities and communities. All the projects each have results and tools that will increase resilience of cities and communities to expected and unexpected crises, and cooperation among the projects enhances resilience knowledge and practice.
See Ivonne’s presentation here
See more information about the SMR workshop here


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