Evaluating the DARWIN Resilience Management Guidelines

WP4 Evaluation Focus Group

The ultimate test of the success of the DARWIN Resilience Management Guidelines (DRMG) will be their adoption and use by end-users (resilience and crisis managers in Healthcare and Air Traffic Management). In order to ensure their usefulness and relevance to end-users, the DRMG are going through a process of piloting and evaluation during the DARWIN project.

DARWIN partner DBL is leading the piloting and evaluation stage, with the following objectives:
• Contribute to the development of the DRMG, providing comments and suggestions for improvement.
• Define and apply an evaluation process for the DRMG and pilots
• Evaluate the pilot implementations of the DRMG in the ATM and Healthcare domains and provide useful feedback to improve these implementations
• Provide the project with feedback to improve the trans-national and trans-domain applicability of the DRMGWP4 Evaluation Focus Group

On the 14th and 15th of September, DARWIN partners working on evaluating and piloting the DRMG (DBL, TUBS, ENAV, ISS) held an Initial Evaluation Focus Group. SINTEF also attended as they are leading the development of the DRMG and provided in-depth information on the current status of the DRMG.

The main purpose of the Focus Group was to conduct an expert evaluation of the initial DRMGs. The DRMGs were presented in the form of Concept Cards—i.e., templates conceived to convey in a succinct and clear manner the salient aspects of each guideline. Such cards are conceived as an initial “implementation” of the Darwin Functional Requirements (from D1.3). Also the project has developed a set of Non-Functional requirements (e.g requirements on the format) which were taken in to the scope of the evaluation.

The objectives of the meeting included:
1.    Familiarise the end-user with the DRMGs (e.g. the relevant concept cards);
2.    Evaluate the non-functional requirements addressed by the DRMGs;
3.    Evaluate the DRMGs through expert discussions.

Further evaluation workshops will take place througout the project, and updates will be provided on the DARWIN website


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