Interview Series: DARWIN Project Results

The DARWIN project will come to an end in September 2018, the DARWIN partners have created a series of video interviews explaining the specific results and outputs of the project. After more than three years of intensive research, the primary result of the project is the DARWIN Resilience Management Guidelines (DRMG). The DRMG are a useful tool that organisations can use to assess and enhance their own resilience. The DRMG are created around a set of specific interventions or ‘Capability Cards’ that organisations can consult or use before, during and after a crisis.

DARWIN has created a whole suite of other tools to train and support organisations in the use of the DRMG and to assist them in enhancing their resilience. These include: virtual reality games, pilots, simulation games, and the DARWIN wiki.

To learn more about the outputs of the project click here.

Click below to watch the video interviews with DARWIN partners about the specific outputs of the project.

Interview with Valentina Cedrini (ENAV)// DARWIN Resilience Management Guidelines

Interview with Giuseppina Mandarino (ISS)// Adapted DARWIN Resilience Management Guidelines

Interview with Luca Save (Deep Blue) // DARWIN Pilots

Interview with Mattieu Branlat (SINTEF) // DARWIN Wiki

Interview with Thomas Feuerle (TUBS) // DARWIN Simulation Tool

Interview with Peter Berggren (KMC) // Emergo Train System

Interview with Antoine Pultier (SINTEF) // DARWIN Virtual Reality Game

Interview with Euan Morin (KMC) // DARWIN Community of Practitioners 


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