DCOP Member Anders Ellestrand Featured in Hindsight Magazine

DARWIN Community of Practice (DCOP) member Anders Ellestrand recently was featured in the Hindsight magazine giving his perspective on how the DARWIN project can help to improve resilience in expected and unexpected situations. 

The Hindsight magazine is produced for air traffic controllers by the Safety Improvement Sub-Group of EUROCONTROL. It aims to help operational air traffic controllers share in the experiences of other controllers who have been involved in ATM-related safety occurrences.

As well as being a member of the DCOP, Anders is a Watch Supervisor at the Malmö ATC Centre in Southern Sweden, and he has worked as an ATCO in Sweden for over 30 years.

In his article, Anders explains that new levels of complexity in aviation are reducing predictability, and thereby increasing the importance of being able to adjust to unexpected scenarios. This means enhancing resilience.

Anders outlines how as a member of the DCOP he has contributed to the creation of a set of Resilience Management Guidelines which can help organisation increase resilience performance.

“The DARWIN guidelines can help any organisation that wants to improve resilience, increasing the likelihood of us being able to expect the unexpected and to know how to respond,” Anders said about the guidelines.

If you would like to read the full article click here: https://www.skybrary.aero/bookshelf/books/4388.pdf


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