Partner Profile: Dr Rebecca Forsberg

Dr Rebecca Forsberg

Dr Rebecca Forsberg, project manager of the DARWIN Community of Crisis and Resilience Practitioners,  answers questions about her life and career to date.

Dr Rebecca ForsbergWhat is your background/qualifications set? What areas have you worked in in the past?

Rebecca Forsberg, RN., Ph.D. is the project manager of the DARWIN Community of Crisis and Resilience Practitioners. She holds a BA in Peace and Conflict Management. Currently she is working as a researcher and project manager at the Center for Disaster Medicine at Umeå University, Sweden. Rebecca has worked for many years in research and development with a focus on passenger safety within the rail transport system. This research was supported by the Swedish National Board for Health and Welfare.

How long have you been working in KMC and what do you enjoy about the job?

I started working at KMC as a result of DARWIN, which was about 6 months ago. I really enjoy working with the expert researchers in DARWIN because of their multi-disciplinary backgrounds. I also feel the research being conducted by partners will be both valuable and enriching to the European crisis management community, as well as to citizens.

Why are you interested in crisis response in healthcare?

Because a preplanned and drilled response, in collaboration with efficient emergency services, can save lives and/or decrease the consequences of crises.

What unique skills can you contribute to DARWIN?

My interdisciplinary background means that I advocate a broad approach in solving challenges. This approach will be beneficial to DARWIN in order to increase resilience in Europe since many threats in the modern society are complex and caused by variables which are connected.

What do you think are the most interesting areas in crisis response in healthcare?

That one should work proactively in all phases of a crisis or accident- before, during and after- in order to achieve the best results and an effective and safe response.


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