Resilience-Based Approaches to Critical Infrastructure Safeguarding


DARWIN partners Ivonne Hererra and Rogier Woltjer participated in a NATO workshop on “Resilience-Based Approaches to Critical Infrastructure Safeguarding” during the summer. The workshop was organised in the context of an increasing difficulty to predict threats to society, whether they be man-made or natural, and the resulting significant interest in resilience-based management.

In this context, the workshop aimed to transform resilience concepts and definitions in to operational system management frameworks. This will allow immediate response, real time decision making and resilience in the face of threats and attacks. Methods and tools that are able to reconcile conflicting information, as well as the complex context of the decision making environment were discussed. DARWIN RESOLUTE NATO

General project information about DARWIN was presented through a poster, which attracted substantial interest from workshop participants. DARWIN coordinator, Ivonne Herrera described DARWIN objectives and gave a general overview of the project during panel presentations. Rogier Woltjer contributed to panel discussions, outlining the results of the DARWIN Deliverable 1.1, which was useful in panel discussions and finding common challenges in participants’ diverse research on resilience.

The workshop was organized into four working groups, which addressed risk and resilience based management in (1) critical infrastructure, (2) cyber-security, and (3) social domains and (4) methodology and tools for cross-domain integration. The workshop outcomes will provide resilience stakeholders with a better understanding of the trade-offs associated with risk and resilience-based management, and will provide them with a suite of tools to manage emerging risks. The results of the workshop will also form the basis of a book that will be published by Springer.


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