The Latest Update of the DARWIN Resilience Management Guidelines Book is Now Available

The DARWIN Resilience Management Guidelines (DRMG) have been developed by the DARWIN project as a set of guiding principles to assist organisations in assessing and enhancing their own resilience. The Guidelines are now available in both the DARWIN Wiki, accessible by the DARWIN Community of Practitioners, and in book form on the Project Results page.

With the DARWIN project having officially come to a close at the end of September, the latest DRMGs have incorporated three years of research, consultation and evaluation, and achieved a high level of maturity. The DRMG were developed to facilitate the resilience development of practitioners tasked with protecting the population or critical infrastructure/services from diverse crises. They received extensive input from more than 100 experts from various domains across multiple European countries, and contain a set of Capability Cards which supply practical interventions for developing and enhancing specific management capabilities.

The DRMGs were developed to be adaptable so that organisations from across all levels and domains will find them useful for assessing a critical view of their own crisis management activities. The Guidelines have already been tested in emergency scenarios in the healthcare and aviation domain, and include specific interventions regarding roles and responsibilities, establishing networks and assessing community resilience – before, during and after a crisis. However, they can also be adopted and adapted for developing resilience to scenarios such as flooding, wildfires and terrorist attacks.

The DRMG have been developed on the DARWIN Wiki, with extensive input and feedback from operational experts in diverse domains. The content of the Wiki as of September 2018 has been compiled and is presented in the DRMG Book.


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