Work Package 4 meets to dicsuss resilience guidelines pilots and evaluation

WP4 Workshop Blogpost01042016

DARWIN Work Package 4 (WP4) is responsible for pilots and evaluation of the resilience management guidelines as well as evaluation of the DARWIN pilot scenarios. The pilot scenarios will test the resilience management guidelines in a controlled simulation scenario. WP4 met recently to discuss criteria for the evaluation of the guidelines, as well as the potential scenarios for the DARWIN pilot evaluations. DARWIN partners DBL, TUBS, ENAV, ISS, FOI and KMC are all involved in WP4 and were present at the meeting.

At the end of May, WP4 will submit a project document outlining the evaluation plan for the resilience guidelines, and the pilots. The proposed content for this document was agreed at the meeting and will cover; methodology for guideline evaluation, criteria for guideline evaluation and, scenarios for pilot evaluations. WP4 Workshop Blogpost01042016

A Realist Evaluation approach was proposed as a means for evaluating the guidelines and the pilots.  The approach follows a number of steps in order to answer the following questions: “What works for whom? In what circumstances? In what respects and how?” According to the proposed approach these questions are answered by organizing the contents around four main areas:

•    Intervention;
•    Context;
•    Mechanism;
•    Outcome.

WP4 also discussed the scenarios to be used for the pilot exercises. By the end of the meeting, the participants had agreed on the following scenarios:

Scenarios proposed by ENAV:
1.    Aircraft crash landing close to Fiumicino Airport area (Concerned domains: ATM and Healthcare).
2.    Blackout at Fiumicino ACC: ATM.

Scenarios proposed by ISS:
1.    Emergency management of severe influenza pandemic spreading out: (Concerned domain: Healthcare);
2.    Organ transportation in flight facing severe weather conditions: (Concerned domains: Healthcare and ATM).

Scenarios proposed by KMC-FOI:
1.    Collision between Oil Tanker and Passenger Ferry (Concerned domain: Healthcare).

WP4 will continue to work together, and their first output, the Evaluation Plan will be completed by the end of May.


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