REA and DCOP Present New Resilience Engineering Webinar Series

The Resilience Engineering Association (REA) and the DARWIN Community of Practitioners (DCoP) are launching the Resilience Engineering webinar series.

The first webinar ‘Training for Operational Resilience Capabilities’ will take place on Monday 23 September at 2pm CET. The webinar will be presented by Tor Olav Grøtan, PhD, a senior research scientist at SINTEF Digital with a background in situated safety practice and resilience, as well as technical and managerial cyber security issues, such as oil and gas, and the military and healthcare domains.

The webinar will discuss the Training for Operation Resilience Capabilities (TORC) training-by-gaming approach, and also explain the underlying rationale and potential impact on development of organisational/team resilience. Special emphasis will be placed on the ‘resilience in the context of compliance’ (RICO) approach, and how TORC can support both a longitudinal focus on resilience capability building in a given organisation, and a cross-fertilisation between organisations.

For more information about the webinar, download the invitation here. You can join the webinar on 23 September here:

If you are interested in being a presenter in this webinar series, email

The REA and DCoP is a global community of practice creating opportunities to collaborate with others who are leading research and developing practical applications in how to create resilience in complex systems. The webinar series allows participants to learn from other domains seeking to engineer resilience into their systems, such as healthcare, critical infrastructure, energy, critical digital services, transportation, automation and emergency response.


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